We offer the restorative benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness to
individuals in the correctional systems of South Florida.

We teach practical methods for stress release, anger management
and for improving the health of  mind and body from the inside out.  
Yoga and Mindfulness support personal growth and transformation
an all levels.

On this site you can find out more about who we are, what we do,
how you can participate. You will discover resources to help anyone
you may know who is in prison.  You can sign up for our blog for
regular news.

Just think . . .

If yoga is now in gyms and malls, if meditation is being used in heart
clinics and by the US military, if literally thousands of research
studies have been done, there is one reason -- it really works!  

So why not for prisoners too?  
After all--the primary purpose of
a prison is to eventually release a better person back into

Bringing the Tools of Transformation to Prisons,
Detention Centers, Centers for Juveniles and more
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