"the blueprint of your spiritual destiny"

    JYOTISH, "THE SCIENCE OF LIGHT" ~ given to US by enlightened sages
    who saw the universe as full of Light.  They saw how the Cosmos interacts
    with our person and our soul path.

    VEDIC ASTROLOGY or JYOTISH is a sister science to Ayurveda, Mantra
    and Yoga.  A good Jyotishi often incorporates these.

    THE JYOTISH BIRTH CHART shows how the 9 Planets, 12 Star Signs and
    27 Constellations were configured around the Earth when you were born.  
    Everyone has a Birth Chart and is powerfully influenced by it!

    MY MULTI-DIMENSIONAL STYLE ... I like the astronomical accuracy and
    yet the very ancient lore of Jyotish.  I also like the psychological richness of the
    Western schools as well as the amazing findings Astrophysics.  Especially, I
    like to find the more esoteric, transformational and karmic meaning in a
    person's Chart.

    shows your strengths, challenges and options in life. It prepares you for future
    situations.  It sheds light on your spiritual destiny and karma.


  • Birth Chart Readings ...  A bird's eye view of who we are and our life-
    path. Nakshatra, planetary angels, remedies, recommended yoga
    asanas, planetary mantras and more are given.

  • Children's Birth Charts ... Very valuable for parents. Every child
    should get one done.

  • Family Counseling ... One of the most effective and enjoyable

  • Yearly Birthday Update ... The influences in your life for a 12 month

  • Compatibility Astrology / "Love Charts"... Reveals the dynamics of
    any relationship -- work, family or romantic.

  • Auspicious Dates ... Selects the best date for a wedding, to begin a
    new project, etc


    > Call me for an appointment.
    > Find out your exact time of birth -- as best as you can.
    > See me in Miami or via telephone and email.
    > A copy of chart and recording are included.
    > Free follow-up questions.
    > Cost -- I have a sliding scale and some scholarships.


    "Mantresh" Lawrence Huff, Jyotish Parishad   
    Tel: +1 305 926-3578        
    7251 Wayne Ave #33, Miami Beach, FL 33141



    These can be used as "astro-remedies" for difficult transits or for general
    strengthening.  They work very deeply -- the sages saw that the Astros are
    also inside of us -- in our chakras, our solar plexus, our nerves and brain.  

    Here are several!  The Sun represents the Supreme Spirit. The Moon, the
    soul.  The Saturn Mantra has helped a lot of people in hard times. Call me for
    instructions on their use.

    Sun (Surya)
    Om hraam hreem hraum sah suryaya namah

    Moon (Chandra)
    Om shraam shreem shraum sah chandra-maye namah

    Saturn (Shani)
    Om shree shanishwarayai namah


    Jyotish has other astral remedies -- gems, acts of charity, fastings, rituals,
    etc.  However, the best "remedy" is to change the attitude, make an effort in
    life and to get the grace of God.


    While following the inner path I chanced to meet a particular mystic Jyotish.  I
    was amazed when I saw the truth in it.  I began going to workshops and even
    did some Spanish interpreting for my teacher.

    Later, I went to India.  There, I saw how the knowledge is passed on in a very
    sociable way -- with a lot of affection and respect too.  I saw how the Jyotishis
    lived it day and night.  Saw how they felt they were going into a sacred place
    when entering into it.  Saw how, while some had set fees, others only took
    donations, or even refused these.

    I saw how the person taking dictation, the kids playing or the mother in the
    kitchen (where they may have no doors) all learn Jyotish by osmosis.  

    I hac many adventures!  Once, they attempted to “arrange my marriage” and
    started comparing my and my prospective brides' charts.  And in one way or
    another these eccentric and great-hearted astrologers were strongly rooted in
    the rich spiritual and yogic traditions of their land.  

    Famous Astronomer tells about what he feels is the most astonishing fact
    about the universe. Click

    GALACTIC CENTER  is the rotational center of our Milky Way Galaxy. It is
    located at a distance of 8.33±0.35 from the Earth in the direction of the
    constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius. There is strong evidence of a super-
    massive black hole at Galactic Center.”  Interestingly, this part of the zodiac
    was called "Mula Constellation" by the ancients, meaning “The Root”. How did
    they know this???

    ~ Once an associate spoke deprecatingly about astrology to Sir Isaac
    Newton.   He is said to have responded:  "I have studied the matter.  
    You sir, have not."


    These 13.20 degree divisions of the Zodiac correspond to real stars!  This
    system at one time existed in the Arabic and Oriental lands. It is in the lands in
    the area of India, Tibet, Nepal, etc that it has remained a living tradition.

    Nakshatras tell more about you than Signs!  Your Nakshatras reveal your
    Stellar Angels (devata), your Love Star and a lot more. They are useful for
    choosing dates, partnership compatibility, medical diagnosis, psychology and
    soul path.  

    Here you see a line-up with Alcyone and its 5 sister stars. We call it Krittika
    and is ruled by the Angels of Fire and Command.  Notably, Mars was stuck
    there during the first Gulf War.

    *Tantric art courtesy of Professor Chamanlal Raina.

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    Dear Lawrence,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I
    enjoyed my astrology session.  It was
    much more in depth than I imagined.  It
    was so interesting and “right on”.  The
    added bonus was the meditation you did
    with me at the end.  I was also happy that
    you provided me with a recording of the
    entire session as I could never remember
    everything you went over.  
    I plan on listening to the CD and looking
    at the chart you gave me to better
    understand it all because like I said
    before, it was so much information at
    once.  I may even have another reading
    in the future now that I have a better
    understanding.  What else can I say?  
    You exceeded my expectations and I will
    gladly recommend you to anyone
    interested in a reading.
    Very truly yours,
    Lisa DePriest

    Because we put the signs where their stars
    actually are!  Duh! Common astrology is no
    longer connected to the star signs.  They say,
    for example, that "Leo is now in Virgo". I call
    this "schizophrenic astrology".

    "I have seen greater accuracy in the
    interpretations and insights into someone’s
    spiritual future, and more powerful results for
    almost everyone through my work with
    Sidereal Western Astrology."   Ami Sattinger

    Sidereal  Astrology (stellar, astro-based),
    works with the positions of the stars rather
    than the seasons. But the most ancient
    systems like Jyotish break down the starry
    zodiac into even finer divisions than the 12
    signs, into 27 sectors called "nakshatras", a
    system once global in reach.
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    Let me say right off I do not really
    believe in astrology.  There is no
    Leo in the sky.  The stars of Leo
    are not even close together and
    the alleged lion we imagine is just
    an imaginary figure.  Then it gets
    crazier!  read more