A Sufi Way
    The Path of Heart implies embracing
    the principles of Love and Quietness."

    Sufism has been attracting a lot of interest. Everyone knows the mystic
    poetry of Rumi.  Sufism expresses great love for and surrender to the

    Sufis use music, poetry, whirling dance, chanting and mantra as forms of
    meditation. all this has contributed to its appeal. But there is another
    dimension not so well known.  The path of the contemplative. It purports to
    come from one of the very founders of the path, called here Great Sufi
    Master. The excerpt below is from a conversation with him. It is expressed
    with great beauty and a translucent light shines thru it.  I love it.  It is also a
    simple practice that anyone can do.

    The Path of Heart implies embracing
    the principles of Love and Quietness.

    “… He (Allah) taught Me to listen to the quietness…

    “First, one has to learn listening to the sounds around: the sound
    of the wind, the lapping of waves, the calls of birds, the crackle of
    a fire…

    "After that, one can start listening to the quietness.

    “I came to know that all various sounds are local and transient,
    while the quietness is omnipresent and eternal. Beneath all
    sounds existing in the universe, there spreads infinitely the Great

    “For hours I could listen to the sounds of the world — beautiful
    and diverse, and then I would ‘release’ Myself and ‘sink’ into it —
    into the quietness.

    There I could see the clear transparence of the quietness, hear its
    silence. I could freely and easily swim in it, submerge to the very
    Depths of it… Gradually the Great Quietness became My home…

    From there, I saw that all sounds of the worlds are as if created by
    the Great Quietness. I saw how its breathing fills from within all
    forms of life and they sound as a well-trained choir of various
    musical instruments. Like flowers, sounds unfold for a moment in
    the eternity of the Great Quietness…

    By the way, for beginners it is more beneficial to listen to the
    space around. By listening, you can embrace a much larger
    volume of space; you can even hear that which you cannot see.

    He who has learned to listen can become the Master of Quietness.

    The quietness gives you calm.

    The peculiar feature of the quietness is that it gets filled with you.

    The quietness — as a result of studying and cognizing it —
    becomes filled with you and with God…

    Allah suggests cognizing Him through this method.”

    … We told Him:

    “But You have missed an essential point: one has to listen to the
    quietness not with the ears which are on the head, but with the
    hearing of the spiritual heart…”

    “… But the most confidential thing which I taught and which alone
    opens the gate to the Allah's Abode is what the anahata chakra
    (heart center) is, how to develop oneself through it, how to learn
    to go outside of it in order to settle and live in the new Home in
    the Abode of Allah."

    *These excerpts are taken from one of the amazing forest conversations of  
    Vladimir Antonov "Grand Sufi Master", as well as with many other mystics
    and masters of the past -- all who seemingly just appear to him.  It is quoted
    with his kind permission.  Read more.

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