In the Aramaic Lord's Prayer
    A Formula of Meditation
    "The Queendom of Heaven lies within you."

1. Go within. Invoke the Source.  "Enter into your inner chamber and lock the door..."  

    Let our eyelids be the door and our aspiration be the lock.  Yeshua (Jesus) warned
    against the kind of praying that so many Christians now do -- loud talk and public
    display.  Originally the word translated as "repent" meant "turn within".  

2. Listening.  Bathe in serenity, purity and the spirit of surrender .  

    The original Aramaic Lord's Prayer is a sublime Christian mantra.  In those days prayers
    were  chanted -- sometimes just one  word over and over.   Just the sound/feeling is
    exceedingly beautiful.  Here you can listen to it: Meditatively, Chanted or Sung.

3. Become like little children.

    Innocently surrender to the meditative process, let it flow.  Love and intimacy with it
    will naturally grow and we will never ever want to lose it !  This is my experience.

    Have the attitude of feeling like a little child, with his helplessness  and
    simplicity and purity. You will be less concerned with technique and self-effort
    and will feel that all will be given to you.”   Shri Chinmoy

    "Only go straight, don't know ... Don't know is the number one good practice,
    okay?  Try it!"   Seung Sahn, Zen master   

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    ABWOON is all of the above, a prism of Light, a multi-dimensional word like the
    language it comes from.  The Total Reality is invoked as the goal of meditation.

    Our aspiration is to attain That of which we are made in the image.   Breath and Spirit
    are Abwoon and also the essence of our personal self.

    The whole prayer is contained in and emerges from the one ABWOON.  That's whythey
    sing it over and over sometimes.

    The word is plural, "OUR" Father / Mother.  And it doesn't say only Yeshua's followers,  
    or even only human beings!  ALL that lives is supported by this Reality.  All the trees
    are in the same Earth.

    Although we may meditate alone, we are not really alone because thousands or
    millions are meditating with us all around the world.   Thus, a sort of Wave of Abwoon is
    flowing around, embracing, the Earth.  
    "SPIRIT" was always in the feminine in those wisdom languages.  The Holy Spirit, the
    Creative Love Energy, is feminine!  Thus, I say "FATHER and MOTHER".  Those dried-up
    old bishops distorted the translation!

    "Yeshua says to them:  
    "When you make the two one
    and you make the inside as the outside
    and the outside as the inside
    and the above as the below
    and if you establish the male with the female as a single unity
    Then shall you enter the Sovereignty."   Gospel of Thomas

D'WABASHMAYA ~  "WHO ART IN HEAVEN" --  Now we move INWARD toward the  dimension of
heavenly unboundedness.

    The Queendom of Heaven lies within.   

    This word comes from SHEM, meaning "Light, Sound, Space" plus the ending -AYA,
    meaning "Extending Without Limit".

    As soon as we sit calmly, a feeling of expansion and upliftment comes -- the breath
    and the body start to settle down. Thus, OUR own breath and our spirit combine with
    the Universal Breath and Spirit.  Simple.   

    Forget the old man with a white beard in the clouds where you go when you die if you
    believed and were not too naughty. The Meditation of Yeshua is for the here and now.

"HALLOWED BE THY NAME"    Be drawn into the Reality thru the Attraction of the Name --
Radiant, Resounding and Vast.

    "HALLOWED" must mean  supremely satisfying. "NAME" is again a word derived from
    SHEM, meaning "Light, Sound, Space".  Thus, it is Attraction for the Name that moves
    meditation inward. Is not the Soul naturally attracted to what is beautiful and vast?  
    This "NAME" is within the soul as well as within the whole universe.  But it is hidden
    from gross perception.  It can be known only in stillness thru very subtle intuition.  
    Holy words like Yahweh, OM, Allaha, Elohim, Amen can only symbolize it -- they are not

    One single Name they do not utter in the world --
    which the Father bestowed upon himself through the Son.  

    This ever-existing Name of the Father he exalts over all,  
    for the Son could not become the Father
    unless he were given the Name of the Father.  

    This real Name they are made to have in the mind,
    and it cannot be spoken.    Gospel of Phillip


    From these sublime verses we can form a clear statement of intention.  Just as an
    archer concentrates on this target before releasing his arrow, so having a clear idea
    of our goal will invoke it in the heart and makes our practice more alert and focused.  
    For me, these verses make the following statement:

    "Father Mother Source!
    I invoke you deep inside
    May my Breath flow into Your Breath
    May my Spirit unite with Your Spirit
    May I be drawn into the Heavenly Space
    Where the radiant Name resounds."

"THY QUEENDOM IS COMING" -- TETE MALKUTHA   Going within, the Inner Reality gradually is
infused into our Mind, Nervous System and Environment.   

    NOTE the use of the Present Perfect Tense "IS COMING" -- something is
    happening now.  This happens when the body, the nervous system and the
    brain waves all come into the Unique Meditative State.

    This is that "Peace that Passeth all Understanding", This is that "When thy
    eye be single thy whole body will be filled with Light." IT IS NOT not begging
    that some day some heaven will come!

       "The Queendom lies within and also without, only you might not see
    it."   Thomas

    "MALKUTHA", formerly mistranslated as "Kingdom", is feminine in Aramaic
    -- "the Queendom".   We already say "Mother Nature".  Why not "Mother
    Divine" also!  Do not Mothers create?  Don't they love their children too?  
    Don't they organize well and forgive easily? --all ideal qualities to rule a

"THY WILL IS BEING DONE, ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN"    When we start to live the Reality,
thru us the world starts to come into synchrony with it.  Truth, Simplicity and Love!

    It is thru individuals that World consciousness is getting raised.  Maybe the Light Rays
    come from other dimensions , but they must be imbibed and radiated out thru
    individuals here on earth.  

    To fully uplift our environment requires Lifelong Dedicated Daily Practice. The very
    Nervous System has to be tuned to the Reality.  

    We should do like Yeshua and seek out solitude -- in gardens, by bodies of water,
    under trees, or in a private room.   We need a balanced life-style so we don't waste the
    transcendental Energy we are accumulating.  And we need to root out Habit-Patterns
    and Attitudes that die hard -- I have seen how people can meditate for years and not

and Spiritual Needs to be met.   We affirm Gratitude, Humility and Contentment with
what we have.  We take a stand for Social Justice and Sharing.  

    Bow down in gratitude -- to God, Mother Nature, the name doesn't matter!  Only
    Gratitude and Giving from the Heart will open the heavens.  I have also found
    that deep meditation is like a sweet flow of gratitude in itself.  

    Our Bread.  The early Christians lived communally sharing everything, much as
    the Essenes communities they were related to.  Even today Christians are
    known for the spirit of sharing.  This verse was Yeshua's addition to this ancient

    IDEA: When asking this petition, have in your mind specific persons in need of
    some form of help.  When you go back into activity maybe you will think of a way
    to even do something to help them -- but the thot is powrful in itself.

Release all Resentments and Intolerance.  Affirm and Radiate out Compassion and
Universal Love.  Remember, the word "forgive" contains "give"!

    "If one who knows the all still feels personal deficiency, he is completely
    deficient."  Thomas  

    Just being able to meditate when we are so weak is forgiveness.   Further on,
    more intensive meditation will create a Yogic Heat" that will burn up deeper
    impurities and transform the body and release a Love Power that we scarcely
    imagined.  Only then we can talk about really forgiving others, really radiating
    compassion and love.

    Sometimes I feel everybody offends me!  One has to intereact with every
    bothersome person!  This verse helps release "generalized resentment" -- so the
    Inner Light can radiate towards all.  

    Who has offended us the most?  Our own mind, Mr. Mind!   Because the
    meditator's mind functions from a subtler, more powerful level, it is imperative
    that we only have thoughts of forgiveness and tolerance and compassion. That
    way we will uplift others and uplift ourselves too.

    METHOD: Replace a negative thot with its opposite.  Try to see something good
    in everybody and overlook the rest.

    METHOD:  View our enemies and those who criticize us as Our Best Teachers.  
    Or see them as reflectors showing us our own flaws.  

DANGER."  ~  An aura of purity and protection forms around us.  Worries and
negativity dissolve.  Daily we affirm Vigilance, Discipline and Caution for all situations .

    Emerging from meditation an aura is formed around us like an "Invisible
    Shield" that repels negativity. But we must not damage that aura with our
    own negative thots, words or actions. CAUTION  and VIGILANCE still need
    to be affirmed and exercised.    

    Meditation also enhances the intuition know where danger lies.  This verse
    reminds us to listen to the Still Small Voice within.

      Yeshua said, "Fortunate is the man who knows where the thieves
    will enter, so that he may get up, put his things in order, and arm
    himself before they invade."   Gospel of Thomas

       "His disciples questioned him and said to him, "Do you want us to
    fast? How shall we pray? Shall we give alms? What diet shall we
       Yeshua said, "Do not tell lies, and do not do what you hate, for all
    things are plain in the sight of heaven."   Gospel of Thomas

    "The Six Enemies" in the Yoga Texts are: SENSUALITY, GREED, ANGER,
    JEALOUSY, LAZINESS and ATTACHMENT.  But we need these in some measure
    -- for example, if not for Sensuality we would not put on our jacket, if not for
    Greed we would not go to work.   These are like beasts -- extremely dangerous in
    the wild, but faithful friends when tamed.  Meditation helps us sublimate, not kill,
    these passions -- we rule them instead of them ruling us.

    The Three Petitions reduce to:

    "I will practice Simple Living, Sharing and Gratitude.
    I will have Tolerance and Compassion for all.
    I will be Vigilant in all I do."


    In Africa,a AMEN meant "the invisible divine realities".  In Egypt, AMUN meant
    "the hidden one".  In India, NAMA meant the same as the Name.  Only when the
    inner reality got forgotten did they say "so be it". Thus, to me AMEN is not an
    ending but a beginning, a pointer in inward direction, a launching into
    transcendence! Perhaps it was at one time a mantra like AUM.

    "I have given them their word."  John

    "Follow the Word and the Word will take you to God."     

    "Therefore, daily the monk desists from the intellectual practice of
    investigating words and chasing after talk.  

    S/he takes the backward step of turning the light and shining it back.  

    Body and mind will drop away of themselves,
    and the monk's original face, before his or her parents were born, will

    The Essene Holy Rule of the White Robed Monks of Mt. Carmel

    The Complete Text

    The wording and pronunciation in varies a bit from place to place.  According to
    one Father Dale Barhanna, who lived in Syria and Lebanon, the Aramaic that
    follows is close to how Yeshua actually spoke it.

    abwoon dabashmaya
      Our Father/Mother in Heaven,

    nethkadash shamak
      Holy is Thy Name.

    tetha malkoothak
      Your Queendom is coming,

    newe tzevyanak
      Your will is being done

    aykan dabashmaya
      On Earth as it is in Heaven.

    af bara hav lan lakma dsoonkanan
      Give us bread for our needs day by day.

    yamana washbook lan
      Forgive us our offenses

    kavine aykana daf
      As we forgive those who offend us.

    hanan shabookan lhayavine oolow talahn lanesyana
      Do not let us enter into temptation.

    ela fatsan men beesha
      Deliver us from error.

    Now that we've gone to the depth of this, why not finish with a direct experience.

  • Sit.  Look within.
  • Imagine you are at the feet of Yeshua on the peaceful  Mount of
  • Feel the vibration of clarity, light and joy within and around you.
  • Softly or silently chant long Abwoons.  Time it with your breath if
    you like.
  • Surrender to it, let it take you to an uplifted and expanded space.
  • If you like play a recording of the Abwoon

    This prayer is inscribed on white marble in the original
    language on the Mount of Olives outside Jerusalem. It is still
    chanted in Aramaic in Christan communities in those lands.

    Through its multi-dimensional language we see a long
    overlooked  Secret Yoga, a Queendom of Heaven, powerful
    Affirmations, Aramaic Mantras,  and more.

    Are you averse to all the dogma and mythology of religion?  
    Could there be a simpler and deeper Reality  behind all the
    bla-bla-bla? Could there be a Christian meditation?

    By looking into the psychological and mystical dimensions  
    of this ancient prayer formula we find just that Inner Reality,
    followed by and then a series of powerful Affirmations to put
    it to use in the world.  

    The original Abwoon Prayer showers freshness and delight
    like a cloud showers rain!

    NOTE: I have taken help from the research of various
    scholars and linguists.  Credits are mentioned on the
    following page, Abwoon FAQS.  


    The rest of the prayer is simple.  It asks for sustenance,
    good relations, and protection and guidance.
    First, each petition is a humble request.  the Universal
    Intelligence.  You just put the thot out and trust.  At the very
    least a spirit of Surrender and Humility get cultivated.

    Secondly, these prayers release anxiety.  You forgive the
    past, you trust for the future, and thus you can simply Be
    Here Now!  This is tremendously helps meditation --  Less
    worries equals deeper Inner Silence!

    Thirdly, each prayer plants a powerful Affirmation or
    Suggestion deep in our subconscious -- just by saying or
    thinking it from the heart.  There, they can be nurtured in
    the fertile soil of the Meditative Mind.  They will bear their

    Fourthly, each prayer is an explosion of light and love into
    the world.  We come out of meditation with our cup full. WE
    ask everythig in the First Person Plural -- GIVE US!  The
    Prayer ends as a vehicle of Service to Humanity.

    There are more modern little devils lying in wait:

  • Letting ourselves get hypnotised by the screen.
  • Our uncle-the-pastor telling us "meditation is of the devil".
  • Thinking we are just too busy to meditate.
  • Meditation so much that we go late to work and lose our job.
  • Confusion  and doubts about if we're "doing it right".
  • Thinking "I'll just have another cup of coffee,  then I'll do it.
  • Becoming sorelaxed that people take us for a sucker.
  • Becoming so relaxed that we develop a free-loader mentality.
  • Becoming so relaxed we miss out on opportunities.
  • Indifference ... taking it too much for granted.
  • Boredom with the routine ... so we should vary it in some way.