frequently asked questions

    ~ How this could be practiced:

    Practice deep meditation!  "Go into your room in secret" and don't show off in public.
    That is the essence of it.  Then, the external words can be used.  If you can chant it or
    listen to it in Aramiac, even better.  How to use it during activity?  Make affirmations,
    prayers, positive thinking, giving encouragement to others a way of life.

    I actually use this prayer - in my own way.  Using the Petition/Affirmations after
    meditation addresses God, oneself, community and all humanity simultaneously.  The
    inner life is an organic, ongoing process and the results are out of our hands, therefore
    it's best to keep one's intimate world private.  

    ~ The ESSENES

    The Essene teachers, of whom Yeshua was one, left us a beautiful practice routine.  Tuning
    into the Life Force in the morning, the Light in the evening and the Sound Stream at noon.  
    (The Noon one might have been modified since we no longer rest at noon.)  Below is an

    "... Listen for it, then, in the silence of noontide;  bathe in it, and let the rhythm of the
    music of God beat in your ears until you are one with the Holy Stream of Sound

    And you shall bathe in the Stream of Sound ... and the mighty roaring of the Stream of
    Sound will fill your whole body, and you will tremble before its might ...

    Then breathe deeply of the angel of air, and become the sound itself, that the Holy
    Stream of Sound may carry you to the endless kingdom of the Heavenly Father, there
    where the rhythm of the world rises and falls."   * from the "Essene Gospel of Peace,
    Book Four"

    ~ ABWOON and the Natural Tendency of Attraction  

    This is a basic principal of transcendental meditation that justifies speaking of a "Yoga of
    Yeshua":  That the mind has a natural tendency to be attracted to a field of greater
    happiness.  And that the inner Reality is absolute-bliss-consciousness --  peace and love in
    the vernacular.   Put these two truths together and you see why meditation can be natural
    and spontaneous.

    “The thirsty man is moaning, "O delicious water!"
    The water is calling, "Where is the one who will drink me?"
    This thirst in our souls IS the magnetism of the Water:
    We are Its, and It is ours.”
    Rumi, in Jewels of Remembrance

    "Come unto me, for my YOGA is easy
    and my mastership is gentle -- and
    you shall  find repose for yourselves."   
    Gospel of Phillip
    *YOKE translates as "spiritual discipline".

    ~ Why Yeshua is a Yogi?

    This can well be seen in the Gospel of Thomas, an authentic collection of sayings that was
    suppressed by the Church precisely because it exposes Yeshua as a mystic and YOGI.   
    Most of these quotes are from there.

    A yogi, by the very definition of the word -- "I and my Father are one."

    A yogi teaches Self realization -- "I AM is the way, the truth and the life.  No man or
    woman comes to the Father/Mother but through the Self."  (rephrased)

    A yogi teaches mindfulness and vigilance -- "What I say to you I say to everyone,

    A yogi teaches the basic realization of the higher self  as -- Jesus said, "He who
    believes to know the All, but not himself, falls completely short."  

    A yogi has "divya drishti", divine vision -- "When your eye be single, your whole body is
    filled with light."

    A yogi is humble about his personal self -- Jesus said, "Why have you come out into the
    desert? To see a  reed shaken by the wind?"          

    A yogi doesn't make a show of it  -- "When you pray go in your room and close the

    A yogi is solitary, at least inwardly -- Jesus said, "Wretched is the body that is
    dependant upon a body, and wretched is the soul that is dependent on these two."

    A yogi is an ascetic, at least in spirit -- Jesus said, "If you do not fast as regards the
    world, you will not find the kingdom."

    A yogi is a transcendentalist -- Jesus said, "I shall give you what no eye has seen and
    what no ear has heard and what no hand has touched and what has never occurred to
    the human mind."

    A yogi brings the inner Reality into the outer life -- Jesus said, "That which you have will
    save you if you bring it forth from yourselves."

    A yogi lives to give -- Jesus said, "If you have money, do not lend it at interest, but give
    it to one from whom you will not get it back."

    A yogi has a jolly sense of humor -- They said to Jesus, "Come, let us pray today and
    let us fast."

    Jesus said, "What is the sin that I have committed, or wherein have I been defeated?  
    But when the bridegroom leaves the bridal chamber, then let them fast and pray."

    A yogi has mystic fire (tapas) -- Jesus said, "He who is near me is near the fire."

    One yogi ignites the fire if supreme love in many -- Jesus said, "I have cast fire upon
    the world, and see, I am guarding it until it blazes."

    A yogi is one with the supreme -- Jesus said, "It is I who am the light which is above
    them all."

    For a yogi childlike simplicity is the way -- Yeshua said "Whichever one of you comes to
    be a child will be acquainted with the kingdom and will become superior to John."

    A yogi is detached from the world -- Jesus said, "Become passers-by."

    A yogi is not vain like a peacock -- Jesus said, "Do not be concerned from morning until
    evening and from evening until morning about what you will wear."

    A yogi is very careful what he or she says -- Jesus said "What goes into your mouth will
    not defile you, but that which issues from your mouth -- it is that which will defile you."

    A yogi is not a master but a fountain -- Upon being called master, Jesus said, "I am not
    your master. Because you have drunk, you have become intoxicated from the bubbling
    spring which I have measured out."

    ~ What are the APOCRYPHAL GOSPELS?

    The GOSPELS OF THOMAS, PHILLIP, MARY and others.  They were popular with
    Yeshua's first people.  
    Someastute persons saw what was going to happen and sealed the texts in large urns
    and hid them in caves.  There they remained secure through long centuries of Christian
    book burnings, witch hunts and mind-contol.  Finally they were rediscovered in the 20th
    Century.  Most are found in the Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea Scrolls.

    These APOCRYPHAL GOSPELS generally show a more mystical, interior teaching.
    Apparently, this was a threat to the Church's efforts to create a sort of sacrificial idol out
    of Yeshua - with them, the Christian Patriarchy, as the sole mediator to God.
    Christianity then became a perfect weapon of the European rulers to in turn & cruzify
    Africa, the Americas and their own populace. A cruzifying religion! The gospels that
    they selected and translated and edited we know as the bible.

    Many things have been inserted by our ancestors in the speeches of our Lord
    which, though put forth under his name, agree not with his faith. Especially since -
    as already it has been often proved - these things were written not by Christ, nor
    by his apostles, but a long while after ... who made up their tale out of reports and
    opinions merely, and yet, fathering the whole upon the names of the apostles ...
    they maliciously pretended that they had written their lies and conceits according
    to them.  St. Faustus, a 5th century bishop.
    The Nazarene Way

    Humanity is moving into an age of the direct search for truth - no longer blockaded by
    any dogma or church. How fitting that these - and other ancient teachings from around
    the world too - were destined to be rediscovered in modern times.


    Aramiac was the common language of the Middle East from about 7th century BC until
    the 7th century A.  It extended over a vast area. It is related to Hebrew and Arabic.  
    Aramaic is more holistic than what we English-speakers know as language -- there is
    less distinction between inner and outer, ends and means.  Words can be interpreted in
    more than one way or with a multi-dimensionality of meanings.

    Language itself gets stretched when describing transcendent realities. Then, the
    cultural context of his time has to be considered. Yeshuas speech was often more
    exclamatory than rational. And I know from experience that the Presence of a divine
    master is such that language is really at a loss.

    ~ The "Queendom of Heaven" - MALKUTHA

    The Aramaic word used here, MALKUTHA, is in the feminine, which clearly implies a Queendom.
    But that was intolerable I guess. Below is a quote from Peter, the founder of the Catholic Church,
    bastion of the patriarchy. They should have left him as Jesus' bodyguard - Christian history would
    have been less bloody.  

    And Peter said: "Did he then speak secretly with a woman, in preference to us, and not openly?
    Are we to turn back and all listen to her? Did he prefer her to us?"   from The Gospel of Mary,
    another supressed text.

    ~ "I die daily" PRANAYAMA

    The greater breath of life is reached by going beyond or dying to our individuality. During
    meditation practices, the breathing diminishes twice the extent as in sleep, as measured by
    the rate of oxygen consumption. Even you see a beautiful sunset and it takes your breath
    away. This is the real meaning of PRANA-AYAMA, "expansion of the vital force or breath".

    ~ Linguistic Roots of ABBA

    ABBA or BABA
    is used from Africa all across to India. It addresses a father or a respected elder or holy man.
    It comes from the root AB, meaning BIRTHER.  Interestingly, BA is one of the first sounds a
    baby can utter. It has a loving conotation. With ABBA Yeshua brought the Supreme Reality
    down to an intimate, loving presence. One wonders why he did not use MOTHER too? The
    Semitic culture was extremely patriarchal. I think he would have been killed even sooner!

    AL or EL:
    is the Semitic root for God. From that came the Hebrew Elohim, the Aramaic Elaha and
    Alleluia, the Arabic Allah.

    Yeshua would have said "god" as Elaha or also Marya (master YA or lord God--not related
    to the name Maria). read more

    is another universal power word. In Yoruba AMEN means the unseen principles of God. In
    Egypt, AMEN RA was the name of the one Supreme and was associated with the Sun and
    the Breath. In India, the famous mantra RAM NAM has a similar sound and meaning! See
    the universality of it all!

    ~ "Our Daily Bread"

    This verse is about sharing living simply. We have a enough on the planet to feed everyone
    supply basic needs. We only have to consume less, become vegetarian, etc. The same land
    that feeds one person with meat can feed 20 with grains. Eat beef and you support
    corporations like Mc Donalds who take control of the land of poor people in places like
    Guatemala to raise cattle instead of local food. The Essenes, of who Yeshua was one,
    followed a higher principle:

    "Thou shalt follow the Law of the Brotherhood,
    Which saith that none shall have wealth,
    And none shall be poor,
    And all work togetherin the garden of the Brotherhood.
    Yet each shall follow his own path,
    And each shall commune with his own heart...

    There shall be no peace among peoples
    Til there be one garden of the brotherhood over the earth.
    For how can there be peace
    When each man pursueth his own gain
    And doth sell his soul into slavery?    Essene Gospel of

    ~ Originality of the ABWOON

    Now that we think it's so great I just say this: The Abwoon is NOT original. It is borrowed
    from the Jewish Talmud. Only the our daily bread part was added in by Yeshua.  This is not
    to discredit it - all the masters were trying to connect us to the same thing. Plus he thot of
    what we need to eat!

    ~ For some good sources on the Aramaic Abwoon, click on:
    ~Take hold of a sentence that he
    Shake it well
    till all the words drop off.
    What is left will set
    your heart on fire.
    by Anthony de Mello