"Standing at the crossroads, ask for
    the ancient ways.  Follow that good path"


    Nityananda was a like a force and people were attracted to him. Even tho he
    live in an isolated place and did not talk much they would travel out to see him.
    In his presence one’s  Source Energy got awakened in his presence and their
    inner life would a boost. I experienced this even tho he had already passed on.
    Well, a lady recorded his words over the years and here are a few of them.

    One thing: These expressions are enigmatic, not strictly logical. Using words to
    explain in words sublime and transcendental realities is a bit like trying to put
    the ocean in a box

    Sound arises in the inner sky of pure consciousness,
    In the heart-space in the head, the sky of the heart.  
    What manifests is Life-Power, the One.
    Fulfillment is only possible when you merge with this pure heart.  
    There, all idea of “you” and “I” disappears.  
    In the sky of the heart is liberation, love and devotion.

    Breathe, concentrating on the sound the breath produces.
    Concentrate on the sound which is produced internally.  
    Have faith in the internal sound and breathe.  
    Breathe in.  Breathe in with more and more depth.  
    Breathe in so that the internal sound may be audible to the ears.  
    Do not think of anything else.

    Perfect concentration is a means to steady the Prana (breath of life).
    When it is steady, the mind becomes steady.  
    When the vital breath turns upward, divine wisdom enters every nerve.
    Divine peace is the result.

    The sacred syllable OM is like a storm in the sky.  
    OM is without beginning or ending.  
    OM is like a stage manager in a drama.  
    As it works through the bodies of men, those bodies are pervaded by
    This syllable is inside us, outside us and everywhere.

    It is the cause of everything that exists.  
    We need not bring it up to consciousness anywhere.  
    That sound exists in everything.  
    We need not recall it separately to memory.  
    This energy is not divisible but indivisible.  
    The human body is a string of Om.
    All that is, inside and outside, is born of Om.

    The subtle is in the chakras.  
    In the subtle channels is the kundalini shakti (source energy stored inside
    Together they are Om.  
    Realize and know the subtle.

    In time, the Om sound is heard in the head.
    This sound, though truly one and undivided,
    Can manifest as many--
    The roar of the sea,
    Notes of the flute, violin or harmonium,
    Beating of drums or bells,
    The buzzing of bees.
    These are the ten sounds of the one subtle sound, indivisible.  

    Visit Chidakash Gita for more quotes, plus commentary and biography.

    Aphorisms on Practice

    Are you ready for Tantric Meditation?  I mean 112 ways from the VIGYANA BHAIRAVA!  All in
    short, concise verses called DHARANAS!  The whole of it makes up one beautiful flowing
    song, such that I have hesitated to quote isolated verses.  Just reading through it you can
    feel a blissful space.

    The VIGYANA BHAIRAVA came out of the valley of Kashmir in the Himalayas.  It is colorfully
    framed as a question-and-answer dialog between Bhairava and his consort, Bhairavi --  
    symbolizing two aspects of the One -- absolute consciousness and its creative energy.  

    First, the student must meet certain qualifications given at the end of the text.  If you don't
    you may read it but not really "get it"!

    O Goddess!  
    I have given you the ultimate, unsurpassed mystical teachings.  
    Let them only be taught to generous beings,  
    to those who revere their teacher's lineage,
    to intuitive minds freed from wavering,  
    and to those who will practice them.

    That's all, but it's a lot.  The "master" mentioned would be one who could guide the student in
    specific practices.  The Master would also help awaken the student's shakti or meditative
    energy, so that the experiences are spontaneous and full.  Of course, such masters are not
    generally found here in Miami !  Well, fortunately they say the True Guru is within us!

    Tantra is for the person in the world.  Nowhere in the above qualifications does it say you
    have to be vegetarian, celibate, a philosopher, male, or have a lot of free time -- nor does it
    imply Brahmin teachers have the corner on the market -- as in so many Eastern teachings.  
    Although framed as a conversation between god and goddess, take this as local color and
    not a religious thing.   As Bhairavi asks:

    Who then is worshipped?  Who is the worshipper?  
    Who enters contemplation?  Who is contemplated?

    O Gazelle-Eyed One, religious practices are of the external path ...
    The Tantric's practice is only the contemplation of the highest reality.  
    That which resonates spontaneously in oneself is our mystic prayer."

    Simple, practical teachings with high aspirations!  Starting with our attention on some
    tangible thing we drop into a transcendental experience.  Do not expect some huge cosmic
    flash!  Be satisfied with small results -- consciousness is subtle.  

    Some of the practices are for daily life, others seem to be for sitting meditation, though
    Bhairava cleverly does not specify which.  There is something to suit every type of person.  
    Experiment!  You may find something that serves you well for the rest of your life!   Even just
    one DHARANA may ring your bell.  Here is what is promised:

    One who realizes just one of these dharanas
    becomes the embodiment of pure being.
    One's words get fulfilled.  
    The power to transmit divine energy at will is attained.
    One becomes free from the miseries of aging.  
    One acquires supernormal powers.
    One is cherished by yogini and yogin ...
    Liberated in the midst of activity, one is free.

    A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: These practices should not be done while driving a car or any
    such thing.  Follow "the middle path" of moderation and balance.  Don't let any teaching ever
    take you away common sense.  Don't be late for work!!!  Don't be confused the so many
    verses.  As Bhairava says "just one of these DHARANAS".  Consider the whole thing as poetry,
    inspiration.  Furthermore, it is recommended to practice under the guidance of a teacher.  In
    fact, if you are involved in any system of meditation, you will probably find that a number of
    the verses describe what you are already experiencing!   We begin:

    Bhairavi asks:  
    "How to reach that absolute fullness which transcends
    all description and abolishes time and space?   
    Can you answer in common language?"

    "O Radiant Shakti!  
    Where in-breath and out-breath are born and die
    At the top and the bottom
    Experience infinite space
    With relaxed body
    When exhaling and inhaling
    Lose your mind and perceive your heart
    The energy center from where the absolute essence flows

    When you have breathed in or out completely
    When the breath movement stops on its own
    In this universal lull
    The thought of "me" disappears
    And the shakti reveals herself

    With the attention between the eyebrows
    Let the mind be free from dualistic thought
    Let your form be filled with breath-essence
    Up to the top of the head
    There, be in a radiant space

    If you just close your eyes, the breath starts to diminish.  "When the breath stops on its own ...
    the shakti reveals herself".  The SHAKTI is our own internal meditative energy.  This energy or
    love-power will then direct the meditation for us.  The important thing to understand here is
    that these things should happen more or less spontaneously!  No complication.  Simple and
    natural.  Like the ad says "Sit back and leave the driving to us!"

    The center of spontaneous sound resonates on its own
    Like the flow of a waterfall  
    Enter that
    Stopping your ears with your fingers
    Hear the sound of sounds  
    Reach Brahman, the immensity

    O Bhairavî, slowly sing OM
    The mantra of the love union of Shiva and Shakti
    Enter the sound
    When it fades away, slip into freedom  

    Visualize a syllable
    Be filled by its radiance
    With open awareness enter its sound
    Then a subtler and subtler sensation
    When the syllable dissolves into space, be free

    Intone a word ending in "AH" with all feeling
    With the "H" sound let yourself be swept away
    By the gushing flow of wisdom

    What a beautiful description of the essence of Mantra Meditation!  One thing, I don't think you
    can try to hear the cosmic sound -- it needs the awakening influence of a guru and one's own
    dedicated practice.  Also, "visualize a syllable" may refer to BIJA MANTRAS, the seed syllables
    often used in meditation.  Note that so many mantras are "words ending in AH sound" --
    allelujah, nama shivaya, etc.   

    Contemplate the luminous spatiality of your body
    Radiating in every direction
    Thus free yourself from duality  
    Merge into space

    O Shakti!
    See all space as contained in your head
    The brilliance

    Focus on a blazing fire
    Rising from your feet and burning you entirely
    Then only ashes left scattered by the wind
    Know the tranquillity of space returning to itself

    O beautiful one!  
    Dissolve your senses in your Heart Space
    Perceive the essence of the shakti
    An indescribable fine gold powder
    Glittering in your heart and pouring out into space.
    Experience supreme bliss

    Laying flat, see your body as supportless
    Let your thought dissolve into space
    Then the contents of the inner mind will dissolve too
    You will experience pure presence, freed from dreams

    I am speechless, almost!  The last one I have used during SAVASANA relaxation in my Yoga
    Classes -- it's better than telling them "Now tell your right foot to relax, blah, blah , blah".   
    And lastly, here are several useful dharanas for living in the world:  

    Through Ordinary Experience

    Fix your mind in your heart during activity
    Thus agitation will disappear
    In a few days, the indescribable

    When you meet with a loved one
    Be in this bliss totally
    Penetrate the luminous space

    When eating or drinking
    Become the delicious taste
    Be filled with delight
    Through this, taste supreme bliss

    At the time of musical pleasure
    Or pleasure from other senses
    Immerse yourself in the joy
    You reach the divine

    At the point of sleep
    When the sleep has not yet come
    Yet external wakefulness vanishes
    At this very point, know the supreme goddess

    Dance to exhaustion in utter spontaneity  
    Then, suddenly drop to the ground
    Completely surrendering yourself  
    Absolute essence is revealed

    Through Desire and Emotion

    Before desiring
    Before thinking "who am I?"
    Such is the nature of the Self  
    Know the deep space of the real

    When a desire comes, consider it
    Then, suddenly drop it

    When an obstacle gets in the way satisfying a desire
    In that very instant seize the empty space  
    This is the very essence of meditation

    When there arises a mood against someone
    Or for someone
    Do not place it on the person in question
    Remain centered

    In extreme desire, anger, greed, confusion, pride or envy
    Enter your own heart
    Discover the  underlying peace

    Through Knowledge

    Any particular knowledge is deceptive
    When thirst for knowledge arises
    Immediately realize the spatiality of knowledge itself
    Be Shiva/Shakti

    Through an open,non-judgmental attitude

    What is purity to the religious seems impure to the tantrika  
    Be free of duality
    Consider nothing as pure or impure

    Through Devotion

    An intuition comes from passionate devotion
    It flows into space and frees you
    You attain the domain of Shiva/Shakti

    A translation of the  VIGYANA BHAIRAVA in all its colorful imagery has been done by Albin
    Michel.  For a simple version and with optional commentary try Osho.


    Human birth is the stepping stone to the path of Liberation. But rare are the meritorious who come by it.

    The Truth is to be realized here in this life.  It is vain to expect that things will change and improve after death in worlds
    that are happier than ours.  The world you reach after the body is shed is determined by the level of consciousness
    reached while in the body.

    Verbal knowledge is of no avail for the destruction of the delusion of the world.  It is wisdom to go straight to the essence
    of the texts ...  Study them, know their essential truth and then leave them aside like husk after collecting the grain.

    If you cannot do it in your weakness, resort to the company of the good.  Elevating company acts as medicine.

    Only that one who has supreme knowledge is really human.  

    There can be no Liberation (moksha) without Initiation (diksha).  Beware, however, of pseudo-gurus. Intent on amassing
    wealth, showy, attired in disguise, they wander everywhere on this globe and throw others in delusion.  They are to be

    Even a hundred years is too little, for half the life is spent in sleep and the other half is useless due to infancy, miseries,
    old age and what not.  The Wolf of Time rushes upon everyone while they are still prattling of my children, my wife, my
    wealth, my relations.  Death swallows them when they are still thinking of what is done, what is yet to be done and what is
    half-done.  Therefore, do today what is required to be ready tomorrow, do in the forenoon what is meant for the afternoon.


    Consejos sobre la meditación
    por Sogyal Rinpoche

    Cuando tu lees los libros sobre la meditación, o cuando la meditación es presentada
    por diversos grupos, el énfasis es mas que todo sobre las técnicas. En el mundo
    occidental, la gente tiende a estauy interesada en la "tecnología" de la meditación.
    Sin embargo, la característica más importante de la meditación no es la técnica, sino
    la postura, no tanto fisica sino más que todo se refiere a una actitud.

    Debemos reconocer que cuando comenzamos la práctica de la meditación, estamos
    incorporando una dimensión totalmente diferente. Normalmente en la vida ponemos
    mucho esfuerzo en la obtención de las cosas externas y hay muchas luchas que
    tenemos que superar, mientras que en la meditación es justamente lo contrario, la
    meditación el la ruptura de cómo funcionamos normalmente.

    La meditación es simplemente una cuestión de estar, de derretirse, como un pedazo
    de mantequilla dejada al sol. No tiene nada que ver con si tu "sabes" o nó, en
    hecho, cada vez que tu practicas la meditación tu tienes que estar fresco, como si
    sucediera por primera vez . Tu apenas siéntate con tu cuerpo relajado, silencioso,
    tu mente completamente tranquila, y permite que los pensamientos vengan y que
    vayan, sin dejarlos causar estragos en tu mente. Si tu necesitas algo que hacer,
    observa la respiración. Este es un proceso muy simple. Cuando tu estás respirando
    hacia fuera, siente que estás respirando hacia afuera. Cuando tu respiración hacia
    adentro, siente que tu estás respirando hacia adentro, sin proveer ninguna clase de
    comentario adicional o chisme mental, pero solo identificando la respiración. este
    proceso de la mente atenta es muy simple y procesa tus pensamientos y
    emociones, entonces, como una vieja piel se liberan.

    Generalmente la gente para relajar el cuerpo se concentran en diversas partes. Pero
    la relajación verdadera viene cuando te relajas de adentro hacia afuera entonces
    todo se facilitará y se hará absolutamente natural.

    Cuando tu comienzas a practicar, tu entras en contacto con tu "punto suave", y
    solamente permanece allí. Tu no necesitas centrarte en cualquier cosa en detalle
    para comenzar. Apenas se espacioso, y permite que los pensamientos y las
    emociones aparezcan. Si tu lo haces así, más tarde, cuando tu utilices un método
    tal como mirar la respiración, tu atención estará más fácilmente en tu respiración.
    No hay punto determinado en la respiración en el cual tu necesites centrarte, es
    simplemente el proceso de la respiración. Veinticinco por ciento de tu atención está
    en la respiración, y el setenta y cinco por ciento está relajado.

    Intenta identificarte realmente con la respiración, más que solamente mirarla. Tu
    puedes elegir un objeto, como una flor, por ejemplo, para enfocarte. A veces
    enseñan a visualizar una luz en la frente, o en el corazón. A veces un sonido o una
    mantra puede ser utilizado. Pero al principio es mejor simplemente ser espacioso,
    como el cielo, siente que eres el universo entero.

    Cuando te sientes, deja que todo se calme y permite que las cosas y todo lo que
    está en desacorde se disuelvan naturalmente, de aquí nace tu verdadero ser. Tu
    experimentas un aspecto el cuál es el "verdadero" tu. A medida que tu profundices
    más, tu comienzas a descubrir y a conectarte con tu calidad de amar que es la más

    El punto clave de la meditación es el conseguir utilizar ese aspecto de el cual te has
    olvidado. En Tibetano meditación significa "acostumbrarse". Acostumbrarse a qué?
    a tu verdadera naturaleza, tu naturaleza de Buddha. Esta es la razón por la cual, en
    la enseñanza más alta de Buddismo, Dzogchen, a ti te dicen que descanases en la
    naturaleza de tu mente". Tu apenas te sientas y dejas que todos los pensamientos y
    conceptos se disuelvan. Es como cuando las nubes se disuelven o la niebla se
    evapora, así revelando el cielo claro y el sol que brilla detrás de ellas.

    Cuando todo se disuelve, tu comienzas a experimentar tu verdadera naturaleza, tu
    "vives!". Entonces tu lo sabes y en ese momento, te sientes realmente bien!. Está
    sensación de bienestar es completamente diferente a todas las que tu puedes
    hayas experimentado. Ésta es una experiencia verdadera y genuina, en la cual tu
    sientes una profunda paz, alegría y confianza sobre ti mismo.

    Es bueno que medites cuando te sientas inspirado. temprano en las mañanas
    puedes tener esa inspiración, pues los mejores momentos de la mente son
    temprano en el día, cuando la mente está más tranquila y más fresca (el tiempo
    tradicionalmente recomendado es antes del amanecer). El más apropiado para
    sentarse a meditar, porque no solamente es fácil sino que entonces te dará más
    confianza en la práctica, y tu podrás más adelante practicar cuando no estes
    inspirado. No hay necesidad de meditar por mucho tiempo: apenas permanece
    silencioso hasta que puedas entrar y conectarte con la esencia de tu corazón. Éste
    es el punto principal.

    Después de esto hay una cierta integración. Una vez que la mente atenta haya sido
    despertada por tu meditación, tu mente será tranquila y tus opiniones más
    coherentes. Entonces, estarás presente en todo lo que haces. Como en el refrán
    famoso del Zen: "cuando yo como, yo como; cuando duermo, duermo". Cualquiera
    cosa que hagas, tu estarás completamente presente en el acto. Así sea lavando
    platos, si se hace completamente, se puede decir que estarás más lleno de energía.
    Serás más pacífico, así eres más "tu". Te conviertes en el “tu” universal.

    Una de los puntos fundamentales del viaje espiritual es el perseverar a lo largo del
    camino. Aunque tu meditación puede ser buena un día y no tan buena el día
    siguiente, como cambios en el paisaje, esencialmente no son las experiencias,
    buenas o malas las que cuentan, pero cuando tu perseveras, la práctica verdadera
    aflora en ti y llega entre lo bueno y malo. Lo bueno y lo malo son simplemente
    espejismos, así como puede haber buen o mal tiempo, cielo siempre es el mismo. Si
    tu perseveras y tienes esa actitud del cielo espacioso, sin la perturbación de TSee the
    Chidaksh Gita, along with commentary and stories of his life. y experiencias, tu desarrollarás
    estabilidad y la profundidad real del la meditación.

    Tu encontrarás esto gradualmente y casi inadvertidamente, tu actitud comienza a
    cambiar. Tu no te aferras a las cosas tan sólidamente como antes, y aunque se
    sucedan las crisis te mantendrás tranquilo, sabrás manejarlas y te darás cuenta que
    todas estas situaciones son risibles y vivirás con un corazón más alegre

    Tantra is derived from two Sanskrit words meaning  to expand  and  to liberate.  

    not different.  That which is spiritual is natural in its ascent & cause.  That which is natural is
    spiritual in its descent and being.

    The Microscomic representative of the Macrocosmic Shakti (Cosmic Power),
    the Kundalini, sportest as the Six principles in the Six Chakras.

    O Infinite Power ! Thou art the Mind-principle in the Eye brow Chakra
    In the Throat Chakra , Thou sportest as the Ether-principle
    In the Heart Chakra, Thou sportest as Air- principle
    In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Thou art Fire-principle
    In the Navel Chakra , Thou exist as Water-principle
    In the Root Chakra, Thou art the Earth _Principle, O Mighty Mother !
    In the Crown Chakra, Thou sportest blissfully with thy beloved Consort !

    She lies coiled in human beings as the Coiled Serpent Power ( Kundalini).  She rises during
    Meditation and Yogic processes.  Her rise can be felt by the meditator.  When She rises, a
    subtle warmth will be felt in the body.  Voice changes. Voice becomes musical, " propertied
    as the tuned spheres".  The personality of the native becomes very attractive due to the
    influx of Jupiterian energy.  Wisdom and learning grace the individual.  When She rises
    further, torrential bliss will be felt.  And when She reaches the Crown Chakra, it is Cosmic
    Consciousness for the native !