"MAYA" is the Divine Dreamer Godess that spins out the creation like a
    spider spins out her web.  She has us all caught in her web.  And She
    keeps us caught by making us think we like it.

    You ask "What in the heck is going on???"  That's KARMA.  You say
    "Why the heck did I do that!?"  Your KARMA caut you again. You say
    "they" are doing it to you, but don't know how to get out of it. You
    say you caused all this in your Past Life, but still that doesn't
    resolve things.

    Eventually we start to feel a sort of "divine discontent".  We realize we're
    prisoners. We realize we're being fooled.  We realize there is another
    reality.  And we start the long path of waking up.

    The THEORY OF KARMA says there is a "Guiding Hand" behind
    everything. Or maybe it's all lessons and training for our SOUL
    EVOLUTION. The Guiding Hand always surprises me in the co-
    relation of Human Destiny with the interrelation of Stars and Planets
    with Human Destiny. There is a cosmic intelligence.

    According to my friend Athena:

    "However, in every instance, our given lot in life and exact geographical
    placement is being orchestrated from a higher level and set into motion
    through precise cosmic laws.  These details are always established prior
    to birth, as being the most suitable circumstances for what we, as a Soul
    need to learn, overcome and experience and contribute."
    GOOD KARMA becomes DHARMA.  Karma is action / DHARMA is action
    that supports "evolution" - the wholistic evolution of ourselves and others

    The Karma we come into this World with is not the Karma we leave with.  
    FRESH KARMA is cooked up every day. So we gotta make Good K.

    Good Karma then becomes DHARMA.   Just as Karma is Action, DHARMA
    is Action that Promotes Evolution, good for us and others at the same
    time.  The conscious person lives to create Good K.  

    If we want to put aside Karma we have to pick it up delicately.  
    Meditation is that delicate touch.

    Escaping Karma - through beer and football, suicide, whatever - doesn't
    work. The lesson will come back, maybe even stronger, until faced and

    Total dediction to the work at hand (Karma) is meditation too.  Even
    nasty job brings joy.

    We don't need to take on Karma that is not ours.  Hanging out with the
    wrong people can bring this sad situation.

    Eventually, we start to experience Non-action in the midst of Action.  
    "Life as it is supposed to be."  Then a higher trajectory starts to tke over.

    "Every addiction is going to prevent you from becoming a meditator. All addictions
    have to be dropped. But to be total in your work is a totally different thing. To be total
    in your work is not addiction, it is a kind of meditation. ... you will have a joy arising
    out of a perfect work. If you can be perfect and total in work, you can be total in no-
    work - just sitting silently, totally silent."   Osho

    "We are never to passively tolerate abuse, cruelty or oppression,
    nor any circumstance that we are able to change or ameliorate."  Athena

    "Each one of us has been selected and specifically assigned a certain number of
    meritorious acts, and good works that are part our destiny to accomplish. Are you
    fulfilling your allotted portion of beneficence on Earth?
        Know that everything that is Divinely 'marked' for you will find you at just the
    perfect time.  There is no need to ever worry, attempt to manipulate or try to force
    the outcome of events.  Instead learn how to harmonize and flow with the directive
    currents of the Holy Spirit. Yield to the Divine Spirit as the Eagle yields to the shifting
    currents of the wind.        Athena

    "All the joy the world contains has come thru wishing happiness for others.  All the misery
    the World contains has come thru wishing pleasure for oneself."  ShantiDeva

    The thought manifests as the word
    The word manifests as the deed
    The deed develops ino habit
    And habit hardens into character
    So watch the thought and its ways with care
    And let it spring out of concern for all beings...
    As the shadow follows the body
    As we think so we become."

    The destructive behavior patterns that created the global economic and social mess
    we are experiencing at this time will no longer work. Anything we individually, or
    collectively as a country, attempt to do that is not based in reverence for Life and the
    highest good for all concerned is doomed to failure. We have begun our ascent up
    the Spiral of Evolution into the 5th Dimension. The obsolete behavior patterns of
    fear, greed and corruption, which created Humanity’s pain and suffering in the first
    place, cannot be sustained in the frequencies of the 5th Dimension.

    We are ONE! There is no such thing as “us and them”.

    Patricia Diane Cota-Robles: Focus On Divine Government!