Why meditate?
    Tranquility Clarity Vitality

    If you are not getting these, perhaps you need to modify your practice,or perhaps
    there is some other aspect of your life that needs adjusting, maybe just your attitude.

    It could also be that your nervous system is dissolving deep-rooted stress,and, like a
    snow plow when it hits a big drift, things seem bogged down. But no! It is doing its

    Anyways, if you need an excuse, here are some other reasons to meditate:

    curiosity about it
    to prove it doesn't work
    to be on the "cutting edge"
    to BE
    cure your headache
    lower blood pressure
    empathy with others
    tolerance of others
    less affected by negativity
    enhanced intuition
    enhanced perception
    enhanced self-esteem
    enhanced self-confidence
    enhanced creativity
    joy and spontaneity
    mental clarity
    clear the mental clouds
    less chronic fatigue
    release normal fatigue
    lose weight (indirect effect)
    better sex life
    lessen sex obsession
    do more with less effort
    enhanced music appreciation
    at-one-ment with Nature
    support from the laws of nature
    expansion awareness
    give example to children
    soften ones vibration
    influence over others
    a time for oneself
    inner happiness
    inner peace
    world peace
    dynamic tranquility
    power to unite and motivate people
    feel the essential equality and nobility of all
    a vacation in  20 minute
    bring sanity to the rat race
    be an agent of positive change
    spread peace and light
    not leave personal evolution to chance
    "avoid the danger that has not yet come"
    feel inhibited
    destroy boredom
    turn loneliness into at-one-ness
    "I got sunshine on a cloudy day"
    power of persuasion
    inner purity
    live the Transcendent Reality
    realize the higher self
    heal dysfunctional relationships
    fulfill desires
    inner fulfilment independent of desires
    enjoy 200% of life
    synchronize your brain waves
    raise frequency of your brain waves, permanently
    dramatically reduce "galvanic skin resistance" (during
    dramatically reduce oxygen consumption (during practice)
    dramatically reduce heart workload ( during practice)
    reduce symptoms of monthly period and menopause
    "get away from it all for 20 minutes
    get a calm mind and heart to pray
    "How can you know god if you don't know the Knower?"
    "Avoid the danger that has not yet come."
    be a better ________ ( U fill in)
    be more flexible in thinking

    The effects of meditation are being verified by thousands of
    research studies at universities and clinics in different countries.  
    Studies have been done on persons practicing various forms of
    meditation and for varying lengths of time -- not just long-timers .  
    They have verified changes in several areas: dramatic
    physiological changes during sitting practice, positive changes in
    afterwards and long term benefits in life.  These benefits cover all
    areas of life: health, mental development, psychology, social and
    family relationships, work and even an environmental effect.  
    Benefits start to show up immediately upon starting and the rest
    develop and stabilize more permanently with time.  The subtler,
    less tangible benefits of meditation are than those that can be
    objectively verified.  Because of all this there have been so many
    programs in the areas of health, rehabilitation, health prevention,
    education, personel development, military training, etc.

    But, you may ask, isn't there anyone it doesn't work for?  Of
    course, tho usually they have not given it a fair trial, they want too
    much too soon, or there are other factors that are messing up their
    life. Because it is a natural process and state for us humans, how
    can it be bad?  If results are not there it just may be that another
    way of meditating would be better.  But can meditation actually be
    bad for you?  In the sense that food can be bad for you if you
    overeat or go out and commit a crime with the energy it gives you!!  
    Then even air could be bad for you. That's why some teachers
    emphasize the practice of ETHICS along with meditation.  Also,
    persons with psychological disorders should also get specialized